Government Arts and Science College
(Affiliated to Bharathidasan University - Tiruchirappalli & Annamalai University, Annamalainagar)


  • To empower students to pursue and fulfill their academic and professional goals and ambitions in an institutional environment providing diverse and inclusive atmosphere.

  • To develop and mould them into leaders of repute.

  • Mission

  • Transform students to acquire an understanding as per industrial and societal needs, through rigorous course work.

  • To maintain a high level of standards and excellence, so as to ensure them obtain nation wide recognition.

  • To promote pioneering and inter disciplinary fields of learning.

  • To enable them to serve the society through inculcating leadership skills in them and promoting various outreach programmes.

  • To maintain a high degree of competence of the resource staff through constant updation of skills by encouraging participation in periodical continuing education and development programmes.

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